• PowerBuider:

DataWindow spy
Power building with exceptions
Access inter-objects parameters by name
Passing parameters between objects
iin() + global functions overloading
Avoid row-by-row scanning
Don't implement functionality in built-in events
Copy data between DWs/DSs
Check if column/row has REALLY been modified
Constants serving local needs
Constants used all over the application
Use constants always
Null constants
Oracle packaged procedure as DW data source
How to overcome long-circuit evaluation
Convert DW to... zebra!
Save DataStore from debugger
uf_ds_from_sql() to create DataStore by dynamic SELECT
uf_in_clause_from_array() to build SQL's IN clause dynamically
uf_ds_from_array() to convert array to DataStore
uf_protect_col() for smart column protection
uf_row_exist() to replace Find()
uf_filter() to replace Filter()
uf_show_columns() to show only certain columns in DW
uf_set_row_status() to replace SetItemStatus()
uf_lookup_display() to obtain DropDown's display value
uf_value_exists_in_array() to check if array has a value
uf_display_in_center() to group buttons in the middle
uf_destroy() to POST objects' Destroy
uf_get_pb_version() to report PowerBuilder's version
uf_replace_all() to replace all occurrences of substring
CHOOSE CASE TRUE for a series of validations
Indentation in CHOOSE CASE
Change objects' default names
Technical code vs. business code
Return policy
Local Variables Declaration
Use REF keyword
Make DYNAMIC calls safer
Change default access level of class members
No global variables and functions
Avoid SQL in PowerBuilder
Don't duplicate conditions in Boolean expressions
Populate a DrpDownListBox with years